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Svej Cleaning is a cleaner that knows what you need and offers reliability. Although the company has been in the business for a relatively short time, we now offer our professional cleaning services in many cities such as Oxford, Birmingham, London and many other smaller towns. The company is a great partner for your end of tenancy cleaning and we always help our clients get their security deposit back when they need it. The company is known for the great prices and the fantastic offers that we provide our regular customers with. 

If you need a one off job such as an end of tenancy cleaning in Oxford, there isn't a better partner for this than Svej. We are insured, our cleaners are trained well and our management does everything to make our customers happy. We always go above and beyond for each customer, something that our cleaners and our management take pride of. We are the company you want by your side when you are about to tackle the tough end of tenancy cleaning, that is expected at the end of every tenancy. Wheather you live in an apartment or used to rent a house, Svej can help a lot and that's something we are ready to stand by with our reputation and our worth.

Svej is unlike the other companies you've used

Dominick Percel | Cleaning supervisor at Green Cleaning

At Svej Cleaning our main goal has always been the complete satisfaction of our customers.

No matter how big your property is, or how dirty you might have gotten it from your last tenants, our cleaning methods and techniques are unlike any you could have come accross. All Svej cleaners are insured and reliable to show up on time and and stand by this guarantee with my personal name and reputation. I've been in the cleaning business for almost 15 years myself, but just recently started the cleaning business that you might be using today. If you are not sure if Svej is the right choice, let me assure you by telling you that our company has carried out almost 300 jobs in Oxford alone. Considering how many properties we clean in London and Birmingham on a monthly basis and the success rate we are able to achieve in customer satisfaction, I am happy to say that we are one of the top cleaning companies in South East England and the Midlands. 

For more information about the fantastic services that we offer, including but not limited to end of tenancy cleaning, after builders cleaning and oven cleaning, the best way to get assistance and hear about our awesome prices and offers that we update weekly, contact our call operators via email, phone or livechat.


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One call away and easily the best cleaning company in South East England - That's Svej Cleaning.